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Zest it up with the new oat milk on the block!

Zest it up with the new oat milk on the block!

Yes Please!

Oat Milk

(The Oat-riginal)

Chocolate Oat Milk

(oh-so choco-oaty)

Oat Milk with Oats & chia Seeds

(come chia with us)
No Fillers, No Junk.
Lower Sugar*
No Non-dairy Creamer
No artificial colours & flavourings
No Preservatives
Contains Beta-glucan
No Gums & Thickeners

*More than 30% lower in sugar compared to regular malted / oat beverage.

What are our
customers saying.

“Superb drink, love the original and chia seeds flavours! The wrapping is super pretty too, can be given as a gift! Can't wait to refill and buy again.”

— Sherene Kok

"I’m one of those weirdos that don’t like the taste/smell of cow’s milk so oat milk is always my go to - now that it comes in powder form it’s perfect for me to bring around and super quick for me to have as a breakfast drink.”

— Sharon Tan

"Loving the natural oat aroma. Always love seller that not using bubble wrap, more eco-friendly. Packaging is cute and protected the products."

— Wendy
Let’s Get Oats!